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About This Course

  • Course Description

Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Topic A: Use Links and External References
  • Topic B: Use 3-D References
  • Topic C: Consolidate Data

Sharing and Protecting Workbooks

  • Topic A: Collaborate on a Workbook
  • Topic B: Protect Worksheets and Workbooks

Automating Workbook Functionality

  • Topic A: Apply Data Validation
  • Topic B: Search for Invalid Data and Formulas with Errors
  • Topic C: Work with Macros

Using Lookup Functions, Dynamic Arrays, and Formula Auditing

  • Topic A: Use Lookup Functions
  • Topic B: Use Dynamic Arrays and Dynamic Array Functions
  • Topic C: Trace Cells
  • Topic D: Watch and Evaluate Formulas

Forecasting Data

  • Topic A: Determine Potential Outcomes Using Data Tables
  • Topic B: Determine Potential Outcomes Using Scenarios
  • Topic C: Use the Goal Seek Feature
  • Topic D: Forecast Data Trends

Creating Sparklines and Mapping Data

  • Topic A: Create Sparklines
  • Topic B: Map Data

Appendix A: Microsoft® Excel® 2021 Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix B: Cube Functions

Appendix C: Importing and Exporting Data

  • Topic A: Import and Export Data

Appendix D: Internationalizing Workbooks

  • Topic A: Internationalize Workbooks

Appendix E: Working with Power Pivot

  • Topic A: Work with Power Pivot

Appendix F: Advanced Customization Options

  • Topic A: Customize Advanced Options

Appendix G: Working with Forms and Controls

  • Topic A: Work with Forms and Controls

Appendix H: Using Array Formulas

  • Topic A: Use Array Formulas


Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Creating Links
  • Creating External Links
  • Creating a 3-D Formula
  • Consolidating Data

Sharing and Protecting Workbooks

  • Fixing the Missing Alternative Text Error by Using the Accessibility Checker
  • Exporting the Workbook in the PDF File Format
  • Hiding the Worksheet
  • Enabling Worksheet Protection
  • Hiding the Formulas

Automating Workbook Functionality

  • Enabling and Configuring the Settings for Data Validation
  • Checking the Worksheet For Errors In Formulas
  • Finding and Fixing Invalid Data Entries
  • Saving the Workbook as a Macro-Enabled Workbook

Using Lookup Functions, Dynamic Arrays, and Formula Auditing

  • Using the HLOOKUP Function
  • Using the INDEX Function
  • Using the MATCH Function
  • Using the FILTER Function
  • Using the SEQUENCE Function
  • Using the SORT Function
  • Using the LET Function
  • Using the XLOOKUP Function
  • Using the TRANSPOSE Function
  • Using the VLOOKUP Function
  • Using the UNIQUE Function
  • Using the XMATCH Function

Forecasting Data

  • Creating a Two-Variable Data Table
  • Creating a Forecast Sheet

Creating Sparklines and Mapping Data

  • Creating Sparklines

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