2023 / 2024 ASVAB For Everyone

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About This Course

The 2023 / 2024 ASVAB For Everyone course offers a valuable opportunity to assess your strengths and areas for improvement across a range of essential skills and knowledge domains. The course is designed to prepare you for success in the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) examination. Whether you're aiming to join the military or simply seeking to expand your academic and career opportunities, this course will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to excel. The course covers the areas like General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematics Knowledge, Electronics Information, Auto and Shop Information and Mechanical Comprehension.

Skills You’ll Get

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23+ Lessons | 1320+ Exercises | 357+ Quizzes | 655+ Flashcards |


8+ Full Length Tests | 1320+ Practice Test Questions

Video Lessons

11+ Videos | 43+ Minutes



  • About This Course
  • Icons Used in This Course
  • Where to Go from Here

Putting the ASVAB under a Microscope

  • Knowing Which Version You’re Taking
  • Mapping Out the ASVAB Subtests
  • Eyeing Easy, Medium, and Hard Questions
  • Deciphering ASVAB Scores
  • Do-Over: Retaking the ASVAB

Knowing What It Takes to Get Your Dream Job

  • Eyeing How ASVAB Scores Determine Military Training Programs and Jobs
  • Understanding How Each Branch Computes Line Scores

Strategizing Your Way to a Good Score

  • Taking the Test: Computerized or Paper?
  • Tackling Multiple-Choice Questions
  • When You Don’t Know an Answer: Guessing Smart
  • Studying and Practicing for the ASVAB
  • Personalizing Your Own Study Plan
  • Outlining Your ASVAB Study Strategy
  • Making Last-Minute Preparations: 24 Hours and Counting

Word Knowledge

  • Grasping the Importance of Word Knowledge
  • Checking Out the Word Knowledge Question Format
  • Building Words from Scratch: Strategies to Help You Decipher Word Meanings
  • Yin and Yang: Understanding Synonyms and Antonyms
  • ASVAB Word Knowledge Strategy: Finding the Answer When You Just Don’t Know
  • You Are What You Speak: Improving Your Vocabulary, Improving Yourself

Paragraph Comprehension

  • Understanding the Importance of Paragraph Comprehension for Military Jobs
  • Eyeing the Physique of the Paragraph Comprehension Subtest
  • Sampling the Four Types of Comprehension Questions
  • Do You Get My Point? Breaking down Paragraphs
  • Analyzing What You’ve Read: Guessing at What the Writer Really Means
  • Faster than a Speeding Turtle: Tips for Slow Readers
  • Test-Taking Tips for Reading and Gleaning

Mathematics Knowledge and Operations

  • Just When You Thought You Were Done with Vocab: Math Terminology
  • Operations: What You Do to Numbers
  • Working on Both Sides of the Line: Fractions
  • A Powerful Shorthand: Writing in Scientific Notation
  • Getting to the Root of the Problem
  • Test-Taking Techniques for Your Mathematical Journey


  • Coming to Terms with Basic Algebra Lingo
  • Solving for x
  • When All Things Are Equal: Keeping an Algebra Equation Balanced
  • Tackling Two-Variable Equations
  • Explaining Exponents in Algebra
  • A Step Back: Factoring Algebra Expressions to Find Original Numbers
  • Making Alphabet Soup: Solving Quadratic Equations
  • All Math Isn’t Created Equal: Solving Inequalities


  • Perusing Perimeter and Area
  • Outlining Angles
  • Pointing Out Triangle Types
  • Back to Square One: Quadrilaterals
  • Going around in Circles
  • Fillin’ It Up: Calculating Volume
  • Mapping Out Coordinates
  • Hammering Down Helpful Geometry Formulas

Arithmetic Reasoning: Math Word Problems

  • Tackling the Real World of Word Problems
  • The Guessing Game: Putting Reason in Your Guessing Strategy

General Science and Life Science

  • There’s a Scientific Method to the Madness
  • Understanding Forms of Measurement
  • Uncovering Biology, from Big to Small
  • Perusing the Human Body Systems
  • Digging through Plant Physiology
  • Thinking Small: A Look at Cells
  • Swimming in the Gene Pool: Genetics
  • Using Common Sense to Hypothesize about Answers

Physical Sciences

  • Chemistry: Not Blowing Up the Lab
  • Physics: It Matters (and It’s Matter)

Earth and Space Sciences

  • Staying Down to Earth with Geology and Meteorology
  • Paleontology: Can You Dig It?
  • Where Few Have Gone Before: Astronomy
  • Getting Back to Your Latin Roots to Improve Your Test Score

Auto Information

  • Checking under the Hood
  • Cruising toward a Better Score

Shop Information

  • Picking Up the Tools of the Trade
  • Sticking Materials Together with Fasteners
  • Building a Better Score

Mechanical Comprehension

  • A-mass-ing Knowledge on Matter, Weight, Density, and Relativity
  • Understanding the Forces of the Universe
  • You Call That Work?!
  • Relying on Machines to Help You Work
  • Working Your Way to a Better Test Score

Electronics Information

  • Uncovering the Secrets of Electricity
  • Switching Things Up with Alternating and Direct Current
  • Picture It: Decoding Electrical Circuit Codes
  • Coming in Hot: Wire Color Codes Used in the U.S.
  • Eyeing Some Electronics Information Test Tips

Assembling Objects

  • Getting the Picture about Assembling Objects
  • Two Types of Questions for the Price of One
  • Tips for the Assembling Objects Subtest

Ten Surefire Ways to Fail the ASVAB

  • Choosing Not to Study at All
  • Failing to Realize How Scores Are Used
  • Studying for Unnecessary Subtests
  • Losing Focus
  • Panicking over Time
  • Deciding Not to Check the Answers
  • Making Wild Guesses or Not Guessing at All
  • Changing Answers
  • Memorizing the Practice Test Questions
  • Misunderstanding the Problem

Ten Tips for Doing Well on the AFQT

  • As Soon as the Test Starts, Write Down What You’re Likely to Forget
  • Read All the Answer Choices before Deciding
  • Don’t Expect Perfect Word Matches
  • Read the Passages before the Questions
  • Reread to Find Specific Information
  • Base Conclusions Only on What You Read
  • Change Percents to Decimals
  • Understand Inverses
  • Remember How Ratios, Rates, and Scales Compare
  • Make Sure Your Answers Are Reasonable

Ten Ways to Boost Your Math and English Skills

  • Practice Doing Math Problems
  • Put Away Your Calculator
  • Memorize the Order of Operations
  • Know Your Geometry Formulas
  • Keep a Word List
  • Study Latin and Greek
  • Use Flashcards
  • Read More, Watch TV Less
  • Practice Finding Main and Supporting Points
  • Use a Study Guide

Appendix A: Matching ASVAB Scores to Military Jobs

  • Army Enlisted Jobs
  • Air Force Enlisted Jobs
  • Navy Enlisted Jobs
  • Marine Corps Enlisted Jobs
  • Coast Guard Enlisted Jobs

Appendix B: Word Knowledge Resources

  • Digging Down to Word Roots
  • Pointing Out Prefixes
  • Spotting Hard-Working Suffixes

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